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01722 330 957.

My 2023 rates are £25 per full hour, or £60 for three sessions booked at the same time.  The first consultation is free.

I provide affordable hypnotherapy in the centre of Salisbury in Wiltshire, to help with:

  • arachnophobia/fear of spiders
  • fear of flying/public speaking/heights/any other phobia
  • general anxiety
  • social anxiety and self-esteem
  • compulsive eating/drinking/shopping, etc.
  • weight management
  • sleep difficulties and relaxation
  • motivation
  • sports performance
  • excessive worry
  • stopping smoking
  • exam nerves
  • relationship difficulties
  • digestive problems
  • grief, bereavement, or loss of a beloved pet
  • loss of ‘zest for Life’
  • pain management
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About hypnotherapy

Hypnosis has been used safely for thousands of years, by ancient Egyptians, the Australian Aborigines, by the North American Native Peoples, in the Indian sub-continent, in Europe, and in a wide range of religious traditions including the Hindu and Buddhist cultures, Christian monastic prayer, and many others.

Put very simply, hypnosis is achieved when a person’s brainwave activity slows to 14 cycles per second or slower, that is, Alpha or Theta waves. These are states that everyone experiences everyday, as they wake up or go to sleep slowly.  They can also be experienced doing a mundane or repetitive job, such as driving a journey you do often and realising that you’ve ‘been somewhere else’ whilst also safely driving a car.

So, I won’t swing a watch in front of your eyes, nor will I be able to command you to do anything you don’t want to.  During hypnosis you are aware all the time, and any therapy during hypnosis will be fully discussed and agreed with you beforehand.

All I ask of you is that you relax, bring an open mind, and enjoy the relaxation and the positive changes this remarkable technique can bring.

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You can either phone me on 01722 330 957, or, if you prefer, you can use the form below.  I aim to get back to you ASAP and within 24 hours at the most.