Hi, I’m Ruth.

Hello, Mrs Barlow here.

Actually, it’s Mrs Ruth Barlow FRSA, MPhil, BA (Hons), CertMgmtNFP (Open), CertHypCS.

All of us are several different people in one: the person we are at work, the demon at the pub quiz, the lady who always walks her dog at the same time, daughter, wife, Mum, Grandma.

While setting up my business I wondered what name/title would be most acceptable to potential clients and came across a conundrum.

Would you prefer someone who comes across as friendly, or someone who has so many letters after their name they can’t all fit on her business card (sad but true!).

The truth is, of course, that someone can be both, and, in hypnotherapy, counselling, and other caring professions, most practitioners are.

So…hi, I’m Ruth.  I’m highly-qualified but don’t let that put you off.  I’m human really.


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