Staying A Lert? Better To Stay Alive

So, we are all now told to “stay alert”.

What, exactly, do they think we’ve been doing in the last ten weeks??

What this instruction does not offer guidance on is what you are supposed to do if you are quietly staying alert, minding your own business in the queue at your preferred supermarket, when someone walks past you closer than 2m; very much closer than 2m.  Slowly, taking their time.  And coughing.  They’re not wearing a facemask.

Do you give them a very British, Paddington Bear stare?  Tut?  This is known as passive aggressive in the jingo.  Do you scream at them… that’s pure aggressive!  Or just fearfully hope they didn’t give it to you?

If you are worried about all this, that’s perfectly normal.  Most normal people are worried right now.  Even more so than the previous weeks of lockdown.  And the guidance for that wasn’t all that clear!

But now normal people are confused and fearful, while thoughtless people think the pandemic is all over and they have carte blanche to act as they like once more.

There are things you can do to lessen your anxiety about these times.  For your physical health, you can treat everyone as if they have the bug and keep out of their way.  Don’t think “she just queue-barged!  How unfair!”. Think “She’s a thick twerp who doesn’t know what she’s doing, and I pity her.  And I kept away from her, well done me!”

For your mental well-being, you can explore which is packed with practical emergency and long-term advice and exercises to tackle depression, anxiety, phobias and other worry related conditions.

Stay safe and stay well… and stay a lert.

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