Easter blues

Sad Bunny by KatRaccoon on DeviantArt


The last disappointingly hollow chocolate egg has been eaten (probably by someone else).

There is absolutely nothing you want to watch on any of the 57,920 channels available to you. They’re not even showing The Sound of Music….again.

In John Finnemore’s eternal words you are “a rabbit of negative euphoria…not a happy bunny”.

The only thing left to you is to think about the traffic jams/train strikes/bus timetable cuts that await you on your commute tomorrow morning to the job you think is pointless with the boss who’s a waste of space.

And yet, (and this is worth shouting), LIFE IS WORTH LIVING; IT IS A GIFT. Whether you are a practicing Christian or not, the one Easter message that is indisputably true is that Life is meant to be lived well. It is too short anyway. Do something wonderful with it.

Some people, for whatever reason, find this easy. Most of us find it achingly hard. We need to be reminded about what used to make us get up in the morning, or that there might be something just around the corner that will transform our lives from dull to daring, if only we can find the energy to go look for it.

If any of this chimes with you, don’t worry. The blues are very common after a holiday season like Christmas or Easter, especially if there is a gulf between the You-At-Work and the Real-You. Perhaps there is a need to change your entire life. But most times, most people find a little adjustment to your perspective is enough to make Life comfortable and meaningful again. Who knows, it might give you the hoppity-bounce you need to make bigger changes.

Get in touch. Hypnotherapy can help.

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